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Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

According to shooters who delight in studiously comparing the nearly endless types of rifle sights and scopes available these days, the Bushnell Trophy TR25 leaves other entry-level red dots in the dust. Bushnell’s TRS 25 red dot is the rock-solid favorite in its class, offering high-performance, high-value sports optics…

Bushnell TRS-25

Accuracy - 9.6
Durability - 9.2
Value - 10
Design - 9.5



Outrunning and "Outgunning" the competition, this rifle scope gives you a bargain that is second to none. Read below for more in depth info.

Bushnell Trophy Red Dot 1x25 TRS-25

According to shooters who delight in studiously comparing the nearly endless types of rifle sights and scopes available these days, the Bushnell Trophy TR25 leaves other entry-level red dots in the dust. Bushnell’s TRS 25 red dot is the rock-solid favorite in its class, offering high-performance, high-value sports optics for a frugal price.

Most Bushnell red dot sight reviewers hone in on the same advantages, and you will also find many a TRS 25 red dot review that share a few common gripes. The positives far outshine the minor negatives, however, and Bushnel’s Trophy red dot tops most shooters’ lists of the best and the brightest. The following paragraphs outline the many advantages and few disadvantages of this professional-level, affordable red dot sight.


Bushnell Trophy Red Dot Specs:

  • 3-MOA-reticle red dot sight
  • 1x power and 25mm objective lens
  • Amber-Bright™ multi-coated lens with vivid contrast
  • Unlimited field of view and eye relief
  • Parallax-free
  • Battery: CR2032, available everywhere, easy to install
  • Economical at about $100 or less

On the Bright Side…

One of the most frequently mentioned plusses of the red dot Trophy sight has to do with its extraordinary brightness and definitive eleven-click illumination dial. Users love the Trophy’s ability to deliver a bright dot even in difficult conditions, such as a daytime snowscape, along with its low-light dot for easy low-light focusing. Bushnell employs its trademarked “Amber-Bright” lens coating, resulting in enhanced contrast and exceedingly vivid views. The multi-coating method used on the lens combines with the amber front lens and wide-range illumination options to provide an easy-to-read vista. You will be able to tell a dark-colored bush from a dark-colored creature, for example, even if neither is moving. Once you have chosen your setting, the knob won’t move from that spot, even when bumped or shaken.


The Dimmer View

trs-25 dimer viewBecause the Bushnel red dot 25 is designed to provide the user with a wide range of light settings, the red dot may distort when the illumination is set too high. This usually happens in artificially lit environments, such as inside a building. The phenomenon alerts the shooter immediately to choose a lower setting. The too-high-illumination distortion may also be bypassed by choosing one of the TRS-25 models that employs a green dot in lower-illumination environments, and a red dot in a highly illuminated ambience.

Two other quibbles that come up regularly in TRS-25 red dot reviews have to do with the non-recessed lens and the somewhat low-end battery life. The sights come with rubber lens covers, which provide sufficient protection for non-recessed lenses, and the battery life, at around 3,000 hours, is quite sufficient for most applications. Other sights that offer more deluxe features, such as recessed lenses and very long-lived batteries, can cost over five times as much as the Bushnell Trophy.


Rigid Zero

A favorite quality on the Trophy-25 riflesight is the way the mechanism holds a zero, just like the most expensive red dots on the market. This little baby really wants to stay put. Fans report that it is very quick and easy to zero, as well.


Brilliant Bushnell’s Passive Micro Red Dot Technology

As with other popular red dot optics, the Bushnell Trophy Riflescope uses a slightly canted front lens to direct an LED light source to the user’s eye, creating a tiny red dot that makes focusing a breeze. Owners say that the speed and accuracy with which they acquire a target using the Trophy’s passive red dot optics, are as good as other sights that cost two to four times as much, especially at short ranges under 100 meters.


Good Bones

bushnelle trs-25The design of the Trophy TRS25 came out of Bushnell’s overarching commitment to doing things right. After all, a rifle sight can sometimes make the difference between success and failure, and even life or death. Bushnell partnered with professionals who shoot for a living, such as military experts and members of the police force, to come up with an across-the-board crowd-pleaser.

The TRS25 red dot sight is universally acclaimed for its high-quality construction and rugged, compact body. It gives the shooter a reliable dot they can count on in a feather-weight housing that can take abundant abuse. Choose either the classic black matte finish or the RealTree camouflage-print housing.

The Trophy’s turrets get consistently good reviews, as well. Like the 11-point illumination dial, the knobs that control elevation and windage are simple and practical to adjust, and provide satisfying clicks when turned. Built right into the adjustment knobs is a resistance that tells the user when they completed a turn, and avoids any unintentional power-on glitch. Accurate, rapid target acquisition is matched by fast, responsive adjustments to make using this red dot sight an absolute pleasure.


Simplicity, the Secret to Sighting Success

One of the positive characteristics that you will read over and over in almost every TRS-25 review refers to the sight’s simplicity of use. Shooter-friendly and compact, this affordable red dot rifle scope is imminently easy to mount on any picatanny gun rail, practically effortless to zero, and lightning-fast to target. With fewer options than the high-priced rifle sights, the TRS25 provides a sight that is so nicely simple as to be almost intuitive.


Sky-High Performance + Dirt-Cheap Price Tags = World’s #1 Fan Favorite in Red Dot Sights

reccomendedBottom line, the Trophy 25 is the best you can get for the small amount of money you are going to shell out. It is a practical, simple-to-use, well-designed, sturdy red dot sight that actually works, and works very well.

A recent article by Slaton L. White in the globally respected hunters’ magazine, Field & Stream, has this to say about the Bushnel Trophy:

“On the strength of its value and its compact, easy-to-use design, the TRS-25 swept into first place… It is a great compromise of cost and performance.”

When it comes right down to it, the TRS25 by Bushnell is top rated for a single, very good reason: It does what the big boys do for a whole lot less money.

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