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Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

There are plenty of reasons why Aimpoint has a peerless reputation. The Aimpoint optics came from a top global provider of fine-tuned related products, a company that is vastly respected as the global inventor of red dot technology. Competition shooters, hunters, police, and militia members are all very familiar…

Aimpoint Pro Patrol



For Mid price range there is nothing like the Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic. Accuracy, durability, endurance and build will exceed your expectations as it did ours.

Aimpoint Pro Optic Red Dot SightsThere are plenty of reasons why Aimpoint has a peerless reputation. The Aimpoint optics came from a top global provider of fine-tuned related products, a company that is vastly respected as the global inventor of red dot technology.
Competition shooters, hunters, police, and militia members are all very familiar with Aimpoint’s excellent gear, and a large majority of users will invariably choose Aimpoint’s red dots over any other red dot seller, across a wide range of price and quality categories.

If you ask ten red dot optics users to name their favorite mid-level sight, odds are good that at least eight of them will name the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic. (“PRO” is an acronym for “patrol rifle optic.”) This fine piece of gadgetry represents the accumulated wisdom of generations of optics experts, along with an unsurpassed dedication to the manufacture and sale of reflex red dot sights that users can count on.


The Evolution of the Aimpoint Red Dot

evolutionAimpoint was singled out to manufacture their famous red dot rifle sights for a United States Army contract in 1997. The company has since supplied their devices to law enforcement and military organizations from all across the planet, including the United States Air Force and SOCOM. You can bet that these buyers did thorough research on pricing, quality, and reliable performance before choosing Aimpoint’s PRO.

A product of persistent improvements and upgrades, the Aimpoint PRO red dot sight is the next generation up from the popular Aimpoint Comp M2. Upgrades made to the Aimpoint PRO include a mount for precise co-witnessing with the iron sights on an AR-15 or carbine rifle. The company provides a mount with each Aimpoint Prop Patrol Rifle Optic purchased, which the Aimpoint M2 did not provide. The PRO’s mount is height-corrected for the Tavor and AR15, and comes with a foolproof click-adjustment knob that cannot be over-tightened.


Aimpoint PRO Patrol Red Dot Highlights

aimpoint patrol rifle opticBelow is a list of the primary benefits the Aimpoint Patrol sights offer discriminating consumers.

  • Long-lived battery – The Aimpoint motto is “Always red, Always on.” Many shooters choose to buy red dot Aimpoint sights rather than competing sights simply because the battery life is phenomenally long, usually three continuous years, or about 30,000 hours, supposing a 7-level brightness. Many other, more expensive red dots come in at less than 500 hours for their similar product’s battery life. The Aimpoint PRO battery, a 3V lithium, is specifically designed to stay powered up, so that your gun will always be ready to shoot when you are. When the chips are really down, it’s good to know that you won’t be wasting precious moments to turn on and adjust your sight.
  • No centering, no parallax – With this sight, the shooter will never have to worry about parallax or centering.
  • Clear rear lens cover, flip-up protectors – Aimpoint Pro’s lens covers flip up when you want to focus, but the rear cover is transparent. Again, Aimpoint is thinking of the shooter with this design, which allows sighting in a hurry, right through the clear flip cover, without needing to uncover the lens. Aimpoint PRO enthusiasts often mention the fact that the sight’s lens covers can easily be flipped up using one finger.
  • Built-in mount – Fans love the easy-to-employ QRP2 mount that arrives in the box attached to the sight. The well-engineered Aimpoint PRO mount sports a special adjustment knob that will not allow over-tightening. When twisting this knob, you will hear three clicks, and then you will be unable to twist it further. It also has a removable spacer designed for mounting the sight for perfect co-witnessing on carbine-style rifles, including the M4, M16, and AR15. Many happy buyers report that the spacer was perfect the way it arrived from the factory, but sub-machine guns and shotguns may be adapted for the Aimpoint PRO sight simply by removing the spacer.
  • Ten brightness settings – You will appreciate the wide range of red dot illumination settings offered by the Aimpoint PRO. They have divided the brightness into daylight and night vision settings, assigning six brightness choices for DL and four for NVD. Of the six daytime settings, one is extra intense.
  • 2 MOA – This two “Minute of Angle” sight gives the shooter confidence in any field conditions and at any distance. You get instant target acquisition with the PRO, with uncanny accuracy.
  • Built to last and deliver – The PRO is precision-made and designed to perform perfectly without giving the user any trouble for years and years. It has a tough, anodized, aluminum-alloy housing and is waterproof up to a depth of 150 feet.

Aimpoint PRO Stats

statsHousing: Black matte, hard-anodized finish in high-strength aluminum
Length: 5.1”
Width and height: 2.2”x 2.2”
Objective diameter: 1.5”
Tube diameter: 1.18”
Sight weight: 7.8 ounces
Sight plus spacer and mount weight: 11.6 ounces
Thoughtful Extras: It’s the Little Things

Launched in 2011, the Aimpoint PRO is a perennial favorite among quality red dots in the mid-priced range. It comes in for around $400-$500 new. Aimpoint PRO devotees will frequently prattle on and on about the little things they love about these red dots. One Aimpoint PRO review mentions that the built-in mount grabs the rail smoothly, without distorting it, the way other mounts tend to do. Another talks about the recessed lenses, which some other red dot sights do not offer; another reviewer says that the larger housing tube works best for him, and still another loves the fact that he can use the PRO with his Aimpoint 3X magnifier. All of these helpful extras add up to prove the Aimpoint company’s dedication to its customers and commitment to sending out excellent tactical optics products.


Focus on your Priorities


If you are looking for red dot optics on a budget, try Bushnell’s dirt-cheap, beautifully put together Trophy TRS-25. If you depend on your sight for more than varmint hunting and you can spend a little extra, then Aimpoint’s PRO Patrol is widely considered your best bet.

Look at it this way: If your home were suddenly threatened, would you want a sight that you can leave powered on all the time, or one you have to power on and then adjust before you can defend yourself and your family with it? Sometimes a few hundred dollars makes all the difference.

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